Smilenotes saves your notes as you write them. Notes refresh every 20seconds so if you're working on a note on your Ipad, it will automatically appear on your desktop computer,(use the refresh button to manually refresh notes).

Current notes - are notes you are actively writing or editing.

They include notes you're currently working on (Active notes) and notes you've finished (Finished notes).

Archived notes - any notes you move here will be permanently stored in the Smilenotes cloud.

  1. You can write and save notes quickly with just a name, (and optionally tag them with you own custom label/identifier).

  2. Alternatively you can link notes to an existing client/patient that you've registered on Smilenotes - or create a new one.

    Saving Notes

    When you save a note in the Notepad the note is stored safely as an active note on the 'Current notes' page. Each active note is represented by a tab at the bottom of the Notepad screen.

    Once you've finished writing a note, clicking the tick button on a tab causes the tab to disappear and the note is marked as a 'Finished note' (on the Current notes page).

    Finished notes do not have a tab -so you'll notice the tab disappears when you click on the tick icon.

    We'll save your notes automatically as you write them.

  1. The image below shows the note tabs. Note tabs represent notes you are actively 'writing' using the Notepad. Tabs are your current (Active) notes.

    When you switch between tabs your notes save automatically.

    Current / Finished Notes

    Current notes are 'Active notes' you're currently working on. Each active note is represented by a tab at the bottom of the Notepad screen.

    Finished notes are notes you've marked as complete and do not have a tab.

    Your current notes can be sorted manually or automatically - you can set Smilenotes to automatically delete or archive your finished notes at the end of the day using the Notes Management page (Settings).

  1. Access your current notes from the menu in the blue navigation bar. Clicking the options icon displays a drop-down menu. Select 'Current notes'

  2. Current notes can be marked as 'Finished'. Conversely, 'Finished notes' can be pushed back into the active notes section again by toggling the 'Finished' tick icon.

  3. Active notes are displayed as 'Tabs' at the bottom of the screen in the Notepad.

    You can easily switch between your active current notes by clicking on the relevant tab.

    The name on the tab will correspond to the name/title you entered in the name field.

    The note/tab you're currently working on in the Notepad has a blue colour.

    Archived notes

    The Archived notes page allows you to store notes permanently.

    Once notes have been archived, it is not possible to re-edit them.

  • Access this page from the menu bar at the top of the page. Clicking the options button displays a drop-down menu. Choose Archived notes

  • This page allows you to view previous notes you have created.

    You can permanently delete, print or copy notes from here.

    It is not possible to re-edit notes once they've been archived

    Archived notes can be sorted and filtered using the sort buttons.


    Smilenotes allows you to create your own list of clients.

    Creating a client allows you to save additional basic data fields such as an email address or phone number. You can then link your notes to an individual.

  • To add a new client to your list press the + button then select "Create client".