Smilenotes allows you to control certain behaviours of your templates from one place.

Use the Template Settings Page to control Automatic Templates, Quick Update Labels and the Consent Button.

You can also create or delete Template Collections here.

To open the Template Settings page, click on the menu icon and choose Settings.

    Auto Templates

    Auto templates save you time writing the same thing over and over again. They're great for note entries that are likely to be the same for every note, such as your assistant's name or practice/clinic location.

  1. Press edit.

  2. Type or change the text in the fields.

  3. Press save to update changes.

  4. Verify your note template – it will appear in your notes exactly as displayed within the grey highlighted area.

    Auto Template
  5. Check the box to make this template activate every time you create a new note (or un-check to disable automatic behaviour).

    Auto On/Off
  6. Auto templates can be easily and quickly updated from this page whenever the details change.

    Consent Button

    This template is added when you click on the consent button in the Note Pad. We use VCO (verbal consent obtained) but you can change it to whatever you prefer.

  1. Press edit.

  2. Enter your preferred text into the field.

  3. Press save.

  4. Verify the note template – when you click on the consent button in the Note Pad, it will appear exactly as displayed in the grey highlighted area.

    Quick Update Labels

    Quick Update Labels are perfect for things like drug batch numbers (eg local anaesthetics) or laboratory names. These are things that don't change very often, but when you need to update the details, you'll be able to do this quickly and easily from a single page. If you add a Quick Update Label to one your general note templates, both the 'Label Description' and the 'Label' will be added to your note template automatically every time you use it.

    All templates where you’ve used a Quick Update Label will be displayed on the Template Settings Page(you must check the box on the template customise page for it to appear here).

    You can quickly change the 'Label' from this screen. So for instance, when you change to a new batch number, just update the new number here. This new number will update on your main template.

    See the guides section on Making Templates to learn how to add a Quick Update Label to one of your templates.

      Template Collections

      Smilenotes allows you to keep multiple 'Collections' of note templates. A Collection is a folder of different templates organised by dividers (or categories).

      You can have different Collections for different purposes. Alternatively you can house all your templates in a single Collection.

      From the note writing screen (the Note Pad) it's easy to switch Collections by pressing the options toggle.

      To make a new Collection follow the steps below:

    1. Press the green 'Create Collection' button.

      Create Collection
    2. A new field will appear. Type in a name/label for your new Collection then press Save to update changes.

    3. Select the relevant radio button for that Collection to choose which one you wish to use in the Note Pad. (you can only use one Collection at a time).

      Delete a Collection

      Permanently delete a Collection by pressing the minus icon.

      WARNING: if you delete a Collection it is not possible to get it back.

      Rename a Collection

    1. Press Edit

    2. Rename your collection then press save.