Create notes by selecting templates from the side menu or by dragging and dropping.

Click anywhere on the note text to customise it further. Preview your final note then copy & paste it to wherever you need it to go. Or save and organise your notes securely with Smilenotes.

Clicking the tick on the note tab moves the note into the Finished notes area where you can organise completed notes.

Smilenotes is ideal for writing up clinical notes or reports quickly and easily.

    Getting Started

  1. Start a new note by presing the + button

You can use Smilenotes in two ways:


Copy & Paste. Store notes somewhere else.



Create a client profile. Save notes with Smilenotes.

    Fast notes

    Fast notes allows you to write notes quickly using your templates. Easily copy and paste your final note somewhere else.

    Completing the name/title field is optional - you could just use a first name or initials.

    Tagging notes with a label (optional) allows you to search-for and filter archived notes.

    Set Smilenotes to automatically delete (or archive) your finished notes at the end of the day.

  1. Start a new note by presing the + button

  2. Select ""New note" from the menu.

  3. Select templates from the side menu to write a note.

    Using a Template

    Client notes

    Smilenotes allows you to save notes alongside a client profile.

    By creating a client profile it's possible to save additional data such as an email address and phone number.

    Your client notes are grouped together making it easy to organise and view past notes.

    To make a client note, you must firstly add a new client to your client list (see below how to create a client)

  1. Start a new note by presing the + button

  2. Select ""New note" from the menu.

  3. Begin typing the name of your client in the name field then press the person icon.

  4. From the dropdown list, select the client you wish to write a note for by double clicking. This will load their details.

    You can now begin writing a note using your templates.

    When you save these notes they will be linked to and viewable from the client profile.

  5. To clear the a client that you've loaded by mistake, either delete the whole note or click the "x" icon in the name field. You can then begin writing a fast note or select a different client.

To view and edit a loaded client profile click on the person icon next to the name field.

    Consent Button

  1. Checking the consent button adds the consent template to your note.

  2. You can change and personalise the template text for the consent button by going to the main settings page.

    Using a Template

  1. View your Templates by clicking on a Category from the side menu to expand the accordion.

  2. Choose a template then either drag & drop it into the note area or just click on it with the left mouse button.

    To use drag and drop, 'left mouse click and hold' on the template you wish to use, then drag the template into the note area. Release the mouse button.

    Editing your note

    Once you've added a Template to the note area, you can now customise it further. Edits you make will apply to this note only, (your "master" template will remain unaltered).

  1. Click on a the added template to "fine-tune" your note and customise it further.

  2. Once you've finished editing - click save to update your changes.


    Change the order of added Templates within the note area by drag and dropping them.

  1. Select the Template you wish to re-position. Left mouse click on the grid/box 'handle' and hold.

  2. Drag the Template to the new position (whilst continuing to hold down the left mouse button).

  3. Release the mouse button to drop the template into the new position.

    Remove an added template

  1. Click on the text within the note area.

  2. The note text is now in edit mode. Click on the bin icon to remove the unwanted note template from the note area.

    Note Tabs

    The note tabs at the bottom of the screen allow you to easily switch between notes by clicking on them.

    Show or hide the tabs by clicking on the button (shown below).

    Switching between tabs automatically saves your current note so you can come back to it later.

    Clicking on a tab opens the note so you can continue editing it.

    The active tab has a blue colour.

    Press the tick icon on a tab once you've 'finished' with a note. The tab will then 'disappear' and the note will be moved to the finished notes section. You can view all 'Active' and 'Finished' notes from the Current notes page, (reached from the main menu).

    Switch Template Collections

    Smilenotes allows you to keep multiple 'Collections' of note templates. A Collection can contain lots of note templates organised into categories (or folders).

    You can have different Collections for different purposes.

    Easily switch between your Template Collections by clicking on the menu and selecting a different Collection.

    The name of the active Collection is displayed in the blue banner.

    Preview Note

    The Preview pad allows you to preview your final note.

    On supported devices you can copy your note using the copy button so that you can paste it somewhere else.

    Alternatively manually select text from the preview screen and copy.

  1. Click the preview button in the Notepad.

  2. A pop up window displays your note.

    Copy & Paste

  1. Press the Copy button to automatically copy the note to your computer's memory.

    ..alternatively use the copy button in the panel area.

  2. Paste the final note where you want it to go, (such as the area of your practice management software where you normally store/write your clinical notes).

    Place the mouse cursor where you want to paste your note - then either:
    i) Right mouse click then "Paste"
    ii) Press "Crl" and "V on your keyboard.

  3. A pasted note will appear exactly how you wrote it in Smilenotes.

    *to use the copy button you must have the plugin Flash installed on your device/browser. It will not work on most touch screen devices.

You can also copy your note by selecting it manually from the preview screen.

    Finished notes

    Once you've copied & pasted your note - press the tick icon on the tab. This causes the tab to disappear and the note is moved into the 'Finished Notes' section on the the Current Notes Page.

    You can manage both Finished and Active notes from the Current notes page.

    Create a new client

    To add a new client to your list follow the steps below:

  1. Click on the "+" icon at the top of the screen and select "Create client".

  2. Complete the new client details in the client profile screen then press save.