Client records and notes - video cover.

Clients: Notes & Records (2:40)

Create client records, make notes, archive clients.

Working with notes - video cover

Smilenotes Workflow (1:02)

Working with notes.

Basic Templates - video cover.

Basic Note Templates (2:55)

Set up and organise simple note templates.

Advanced Templates - vdeo cover

Advanced Note Templates (1:41)

Add interactive buttons and dropdown menus to your note templates.

How to markup a chart - video cover

Markup Charts (0:18)

How to use the charting feature to annotate a body chart.

How to print and export notes - video cover

Print and Export Past Notes (1:00)

How to print and export past notes for a patient.

Get started using the appointment diary - video cover

Scheduling : Getting Started (5:23)

How to quickly set up your appointment dairy.