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Online software to help dentists write-up clinical notes

Clear Workspace

Write-up your notes on ANY computer or tablet device. One click, copy & paste notes to your dental software.


Smilenotes makes note-taking super fast and easy - leaving more time with your patients and less time typing

Better Notes

Helps you record detailed and compliant notes to meet regulatory requirements.

Free your time

Say goodbye to SOE and R4 fatigue. Use our clear workspace to write-up detailed notes at lighting speed.

How Does It Work?

Click on templates to write a note, then customise.

One click copy and paste notes to your dental software.

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Designed by dentists

Clear. Simple. Smilenotes Lite works in a web browser. Use it alongside your existing practice software (it's loads easier than SOE and R4 for writing notes).

Dental Notes

Your note templates all in one place - wherever you work. Easy to update your templates keeping things up to date and relevant. (You don't need to enter any patient identifiable details to write notes).

Power-up your note-taking.

Drag & drop, add buttons, dropdown options and automation to your note templates. Write notes in half the time. Smilenotes is designed with simplicity, built by dentists.

Works with all dental software

Smilenotes works in a web browser and is compatible with ALL dental software. There's no software to install or download. One-click copy & paste notes.

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there's no software to download or install

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Answers to common questions..

You can use our preloaded templates to start writing notes immediately. Of course, you can modify or delete templates to suit your personal writing style. If you'd rather start from scratch, use our template editor to set up your templates in no time..

Yes. Anyone can use Smilenotes. You don't need to be a practice owner. Smilenotes works alongside the practice dental software in any web browser.

Smilenotes is loads easier! Our workspace is clean and simple. Organise and colour code note templates so everything is easy to find. Add buttons, dropdown choices, and automation to your templates. Use our drag and drop interface to control template components. No having to constantly highlight and delete text.

Since it's not necessary to save any patient identifiable information into Smilenotes in order to write notes and use our software, you won't personally be bound by any data protection regulations if you use our platform to simply write notes.

For your reassurance, Smilenotes is committed to compliance with the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) and UK General Data Protection Regulation (UK GDPR), effective since May 25, 2018 and January 1, 2021 respectively.

Our customers can trust that we have made GDPR and UK GDPR a priority and have taken steps to ensure our compliance with these data protection regulations. View our Privacy Policy

All transmitted data is encrypted using SSL. If you do save any patient data or upload files onto Smilenotes we encrypt this data at rest using industry standard encryption.

Find out more about security here: Privacy Policy

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