Your day, at a glance

Book and manage appointments for your clients with a few easy clicks. Quickly find clients, see who's working, and see which appointment slots are free. Automated email notifications and reminders.

Quickly find and add clients

Use our intuitive search tool to quickly find clients and book appointments.

Smilenotes - intuitive client search tool.

Automated notifications and reminders

Reduce no-shows and missed appointments with email messages that are sent automatically to your clients reminding them about their appointment.

Email reminder on a mobile phone.

Colour coded appointments

Helps make things super clear.

Smilenotes appointment diary - colour coded treatments.

Multiple locations

Create separate appointment diaries for each work location.

Appointment history

Smilenotes keeps a log of past attendance and bookings.

Smilenotes - appointment history record.

Works on all devices

On your PC, laptop, tablet and mobile.

Smilenotes schedule view on mobile device.

Send attachments and web-links

Add files and web-links to client emails. For example, send your client a link to an online form to complete before they attend, or signpost them to information on your website.


Print a copy of your schedule.


Add text notes to appointments with relevant information or reminders.